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Sincerely, Sam

Sam and Hanna are currently on vacation while Alex, obviously, is working. Sam, being a 21 century man’s and woman’s best friend, is trying hard to use his free time understanding all the new technologies. For example, he has spent ample time watching the other two members of the team bashing away on the keyboard. He has learned a lot. Yesterday he wrote his first e-mail to Alex.

Hi Alex,

This is Sam. (I don’t have an e-mail account, yet, so I borrowed Hanna’s). Hope everything is well at your end. I am having a blast. Eating, sleeping, etc. This morning I took Hanna out for a walk, as usual. It was fun – except for one thing…it was raining cats and dogs!! Sending you some pictures that show how miserable I looked when I came back. I am glad Iris didn’t see me like this (do you remember the fluffy grey dog I once met on the boardwalk? Sorry for blabbering about her but I just can’t get her out of my mind…)

Ok, better run now before Hanna starts wondering how my filthy hair ended up on her keyboard. It’s time to eat. After that I will go back to sleep, and after that, I will probably eat again…

P.S. I miss you very much (especially the daily back scratches).

Big fury hugs,


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