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Alex turns 50 – Samandthedunes “shocked”!

Alex a few years ago

When recently heard that their co-founder, Alex, was turning 50, they were absolutely shocked. Our reporter got a chance to meet with one of the team members and got an exclusive interview about this big event.

Why were you shocked?
You know, this guy listens to Marilyn Manson and goes to rock concerts religiously. His music taste hasn’t changed at all since the 90’s.

OK, but that sounds like a typical 50 year old to me?
Maybe, but you see, his idea of fun is to hang around with his buddies, drinking beer and telling high-school-level jokes!!

Hmm…can you give me an example?
Yes, like this one:

“-Mr. Smith, I have reviewed this case very carefully,” the Divorce Court Judge said, “and I’ve decided to give your wife $875 a week.”

“-That’s very fair, your honor,” the husband said, “and every now and then I’ll try to send her a few bucks myself.”

OK, OK, I see what you mean. But what did you give him as a present?
As a token of our appreciation, we presented Alex with a brand new aerobic stepper.

That’s a good one. Was it appreciated?
He was delighted and decided to try it out straight away. We even have a picture of this event.

Great! But hey, wait a minute, what is the bottle doing there?
Not quite sure…anyway, got to go now, big day today. Ciao!

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