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Santa Terminator

Lussekatt buns for breakfast.

I woke up at seven this morning, still groggy witnessing Hanna entering the bedroom trying to balance a tray filled with buns, two cups of tea and candles. Sam was jumping around her legs, happy as…only Sam can be.

Yep, it’s the 13th of December and that day of the year when Swedes celebrate St. Lucy’s Day.

I have no clue what this whole thing is all about but don’t get me wrong,  I do get a kick out of starting my morning having a Lussekatt bun washed down with some Earl Grey tea (a bit too early to hit the glogg).

Off course, we ended up singing “Santaaaaaa Luuuciiiaaaa…,” with Sam humming along (it is really annoying but I actually noticed that he does have a better voice than I do).

Anyway, this is our plan for the evening:

  1. Cook some glogg (mulled wine),
  2. Heat up some more of these fantastic Lussekatt buns,
  3. Cozy up on the coach,
  4. Watch the Terminator.

(Although Hanna hasn’t been fully briefed on point four yet).

“I’ll be back…for one of those Lussekatt buns”

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