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Mmmm, Gran Canaria

Sunset-Gran CanariaSandy beaches, cliff-hanging mountains, desert-like dunes,  you find it all in Gran Canaria – a volcanic island in the Atlantic that has been a magnet for tourists for decades. With postcard settings, a climate to kill for and fabulous food this island is simply a must to visit. Interested? Read more about what Gran Canaria has to offer in National Geographic Traveler.

Also check out our hotel and restaurant guide to Gran Canaria.

Relaxing spa treatments at home

Meloneras (Gran Canaria) is known for its many spa facilities. Chocolate Fancy, Aroma-Therapy and Hydro-Massage is just a few examples of the many treatments you can get here. But sometimes you may just want to get that spa-feeling at home without the hassle of making an appointment days in advance, without that painful deep tissue massage or lying wrapped in Dead Sea mud for hours. Instead, here are a few products that will make you feel fabulous, energized and healthy in a jiffy.

1. DKNY beauty bag

2. Biotherm apricot oil therapy

3. Biotherm anti-fatigue moisturizer

4. Dior nail polish

5. Straw hat and scarf from Ralph Lauren (don’t know the exact connection to spa treatments but WTF it looks great anyway)

007 on vacation

Photo: Hyatt Hotels

In the middle of an industrial zone 15 km from Thessaloniki (Greece), surrounded by weird construction monstrosities, there does exist an oasis of luxury and calm,  of exquisite cuisine and impeccable service that propels you to another planet. It is the Thessaloniki Regency Hyatt Hotel*****.

In the past several years we stayed there at least a dozen times and were always impressed by the staff’s attention to every detail, up to remembering your name when you come back several months later.

The lobby is like from a James Bond movie with an ambience that would make even the most sophisticated aficionado of luxury feel at home. You can almost imagine Sean Connery having a cigar and sipping a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, at the bar (and if he is not there, try the casino). Now, it is not cheap, but to be honest not that expensive bearing in mind what you get for the price. Book a room on the ground floor since then you end up with a large patio rather than a small balcony if you stay upstairs.

The breakfast is to kill for and the local gentry come here to savor fantastic omelet, freshly baked bread, salmon, fruit and you name it. So make sure you wake up early, no matter how many drinks you downed with 007 the previous night. Then spend the entire day by the pool, next to a waterfall which is a piece of art.

Whatever is your indulgence, the Hyatt is here to please: tennis courts, gym, spa, cigar bar, hairdresser, we can go on forever. One thing though: there are better places to have dinner than the hotel restaurant. We recommend the food-bar in Daios Hotel or the Seven Seas Restaurant, both located downtown.

So, will we go back to the Thessaloniki Hyatt Hotel? Well, as you might have heard, we recently moved to the Sahara desert, but who knows, one can never say never again.

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