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Hanna & Henna

Henna-handsA couple of days ago I tried Henna for the first time. It’s a traditional pattern from Sahara and I must say I really love the result. I hope it will stay for a couple of weeks…at least 🙂

Moving with Inspector Cloueseau

We arrived in the desert two and  a half years ago with two normal sized suitcases. Well, one of them (OK Hanna’s) was slightly oversized. Today we are moving to our new house with, believe it or not, eight boxes (each the size of a dog house), 30 bags and…the original two suitcases. How did that happen? Good question (ask…Hanna). Anyway, once all our belongings were moved, Sam, alias Inspector Cloueseau, immediately started to check out the new premises by smelling every corner. Pink Panther move over!

“-Hey, where is my magnifying glass?”

Sahara coastline

Sunset behind a long ago sunken ship. See more travel photos from the Sahara coastline slideshow.

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