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Rick’s Café in Casablanca: for old times’ sake

Those who have been looking for Rick’s Café from the movie “Casablanca,” look no more! To the delight of many tourists who have been annoying local taxi drivers for years asking to be taken to Rick’s Café, the gin joint opened in 2004. Ok, Humphrey Bogart is not meeting you at the door and dicey types are no longer lurking in the shadows – the usual suspects have been replaced with local businessmen and movie enthusiasts. The food is typical Mediterranean with some American and Moroccan overtones. Try the fish dishes (we can recommend all of them) and wash it down with some nice Bordeaux or, why not a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Top it off with Rick’s Cheesecake. There is a piano player who enlivens the evening with some jazz, and if you feel really nerdy you can ask him to play it again, Sam.

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