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Who is the plumber in the house?

After we moved into our new house we found out that the sink was hopelessly clogged. Alex who always brags that he is an excellent plumber and carpenter decided to take charge. Using what he refers to as the “old Russian approach” he tried to pump the waste through with his hand. There were peculiar noises coming from the object of his attention but the water still didn’t disappear. Sam had a look on his face that said it all: “He really thinks that he can do this, doesn’t he?” After several hours of fruitless effort Alex decided it was time to buy some tools and deal with the problem professionally. This is when Hanna stepped up to the plate. She dismantled the whole sink with her bare hands, cleaned it without even getting any water on herself and put it all back together – in about ten minutes. Humiliated, Alex wandered off to the back yard with a can of beer… Now, who is the real plumber here?


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