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Mirleft – surfers paradise and Jimi Hendrix’s secret hideaway

Not many tourists know about this hidden gem. Located on the west coast of Morocco, Mirleft is not as flashy as Agadir, doesn’t have the nightlife of Casablanca or the city pulse of Marrakech. But a few people in the circle of trust know that Mirleft is the right place to be for its pristine beaches, fancy villas and a laissez-faire attitude. Most of the crowd is French well-to-do retirees but the place is now also being discovered by a hipper and younger crowd (mostly surfers) who are finding Mirleft just as cool as Jimi Hendrix did when he came here to chill out in 1969.

In Mirleft you can either rent a villa for a couple of weeks, stay in a hotel or in a bed & breakfast (several are available). The beaches are humongous with very few people, so you can easily find a private spot to enjoy the sunshine and the refreshing Atlantic water. However, don’t expect any beach restaurants (when we talk pristine we really mean it).

If you are renting a villa and prepare your own food, it’s good to know there is an excellent butcher in the village who will happily make your barbeque a tasty one (try his pork ribs, they are really yummy). There are also a few restaurants in the vicinity to enjoy some excellent lamb, different types of Tagines and mint tea.

Mirleft is located only 130 km south of Agadir, so you can easily get here by renting a car or taking a taxi.

Mirleft beach

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