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Shopping in Meloneras, Gran Canaria

SushiMex – sashimi meets fajitas

The idea of having delicate sushi with a burrito never crossed our minds (bet it didn’t cross your mind either?) That is why we were a bit reluctant when we for the first time visited restaurant SushiMex in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria). The menu (one of the longest we have seen) mixes traditional Mexican dishes with different sushi and sashimi. They are all good and if you are for some hardcore barbeque ribs or for some raw salmon you have come to the right place. But what is really amazing is the several fusion plates they offer (mostly based on maki rolls). Dishes such as Diablo and Fire Dragon are basically seafood filled maki spiced up Mexican style and served with some hot sauces. Not something that you would consider typical but once you try them you will be hooked. We have been going to SushiMex regularly for the past year and are still not tired of their cuisine. It is one of the more pricey establishments in this area and the view is not much different from the other nearby restaurants filled with tourists. However, SushiMex is a few steps ahead; the food here really stands out. For a nice lunch or dinner, we highly recommend SushiMex, a foodie’s delight in Maspalomas!

Guide to Gran Canaria!

Are you planning to have some fun in Gran Canaria? Looking for good hotels and places to eat out? Go no further. Here is your ultimate guide to the best of Maspalomas and Meloneras in the south of the island, famous for deluxe relaxation at reasonable prices. Our eGuide is free, so go ahead, download it and don’t forget to share the information with your friends. We hope (nope, we are actually sure) you will have a great time visiting this place!

Click here for a copy.

Best 5-star choice for the family

Hotel Baobab

Lopesan Baobab, located in Meloneras,  is arguably the biggest and most impressive looking hotel in Gran Canaria (we mean really big, almost a thousand rooms). When checking-in, you even get your own hotel map to study while sipping on a glass of sparkling wine. The design is African with vibrant art and an entrance built as a tropical garden with flamingos and waterfalls. But among all this architectural achievements, there is something very essential missing – lamps. The lightning is so bad in certain places that during the evening you actually have to make sure you don’t bump into a wall or sprain your ankle on the staircase. Cozy lightning is one thing but here you almost get the feeling that there is an electricity cut somewhere!

Hotel room

The rooms are normally sized and very well designed and if you get a balcony overlooking the sea, it’s even better. (But why on earth is the shampoo bottle attached to the wall a meter away from the bathtub?).

Food-wise you will definitely not be disappointed. The buffet offers a nice variety of choices and the restaurant “Akara” has a unique setting and a very tasty menu. For instance, we can highly recommend the spicy banana soup as a starter. It’s delicious beyond believe! The gym is small and relatively functional. But for some reason, no running machines are provided which we thought was disappointing. Another minus is that you have to pay extra for the safe deposit box (it’s the same in all Lopesan hotels in Maspalomas/Meloneras) which usually is offered free of charge in other 5-star hotels.

Banana soup

There are several pools and lots of stuff to do for the many kids at this hotel. You will even find huge crocodiles and giraffes (not real ones – plastic) around the pool area. As a couple, looking for a vacation in a relaxing atmosphere, who enjoy a spa and cool bars, we will probably avoid this place in the future. However, if you go to Gran Canaria with your kids, don’t hesitate; Hotel Lopesan Baobab can definitely be something for you.

Rating: 4/5

View from the hotel

Meloneras snapshots

Samsara – Asian cuisine with reservations only

If looks was the only thing that mattered in the restaurant business, we would have never, never visited Samsara on Gran Canaria (Maspalomas).  Who puts a classy Asian restaurant on top off a grocery store, an ice cream parlor and a watering hole for tourists? No wonder we passed by it several times without even giving it a cursory look. However, on several occasions people who seemed to know food recommended Samsara and we decided to venture over. Now, beware: you can’t just show up at Samsara, you need to reserve, it is, no joke, by reservation only. Once we climbed the stairs and entered what we just though two seconds ago would be an architectural monstrosity not for the weak-hearted ended up being a very pleasant and nicely decorated restaurant with a lot of Oriental influences spread around. Friendly waiters welcomed us and showed us our table on the terrace (or inside, it’s your choice). The food is fantastic although there is no clear definition between starters and main courses. The black spaghetti with shrimps in a ginger sauce is finger-licking good and so is the curry served with coconut rice. The Provolone cheese in hot tomato sauce deserves special mentioning since it just is impossible to resist. The desserts are assembled as small pieces of art and if you still have space, go for them. You will not be let down by this restaurant, it’s fun, delicious and a pleasure to spend a few hours enjoying the food  as well as the interior design. Just don’t forget to reserve.

Let’s go shopping!

Travelling to Meloneras on Gran Canaria is always fun, especially if you are looking for a relaxing and sunny vacation break. This place is also quite good for shopping and this time we just couldn’t resist buying some useful and really kitsch stuff.

Mr. Samandthedunes shopping bag: 1. Pre-ordered books: Camilla Lackberg “The Hidden Child” and Lars Kepler “The Hypnotist” 2. Hugo Boss jumper  3. Lens to camera 4. Calvin Klein Shock perfume 5. Star Wars flash memory drive: C-3PO and Yoda

Ms. Samandthedunes shopping bag: 1. Wooden box with surf decor 2. Cribal Scents from Natura 3. Calvin Klein Shock perfume 4. Hugo Boss T-shirt 5. Maison Scotch shirt with cool safari look

The Plaza of Gran Canaria

The Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia in the south of Gran Canaria is the only hotel on the island that is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. It is a small paradise that overwhelms with the amount of luxury that is showered on you upon arrival.

Parisian photographer and interior designer Alberto Pinto made this hotel look like a miniature Spanish village with palm trees and a pool providing you with the serenity you always wished for when on vacation (no noisy tourists here).

All rooms have a patio or a balcony where you can contemplate your next move on the stock market. The terrace restaurant offers a breakfast that one is lost for words to describe. At the pool, you can nibble on shrimps or a salad for lunch. In the evening the bar will offer you a drink and then back to the terrace restaurant for dinner (makes our mouths water even as we write this).

Everywhere you go the atmosphere is tranquil and relaxing. Of course, how could it be else? At your services there is a spa, a gym and an exercise area if you happen to practice yoga. An instructor is on hand to help with your downward-dog pose. What better place to get away from all that city clutter?

Rating: 5/5

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