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A Killer Bill in Nice

La Petite Maison – not so scary after all

Visiting Nice for the first time we, of course, had absolutely no clue where to go for dinner. Checking at the hotel where we were staying seemed to be the best bet we could come up with and after hearing our preferences, the concierge replied:

-There is one place I would recommend to you and it’s called La Petite Maison. It’s the trendiest place in town, the food is amazing and on top of that – it is Elton Johns and many other celebrities favorite eatery.

-Great, we replied. Can you please book a table for two?

-But there is one thing you should know before you make up your mind, she said.

The woman looked at us and the tone of her voice suddenly changed. She leaned forward and whispered:

-I must warn you, the place is sort of famous for its rude service. I mean VERY rude service.

She eyed us up and down as if she was doubting we would think her recommendation sounded as such a great idea after all.

Trying to look as cool as possible we replied in one voice:

-Book us there. 9 PM. Sharp.

Later in the evening, while strolling down the street towards the restaurant, we suddenly started to question our decision. Why, in our right mind, were we voluntarily going to a place where the service is famous for its rudeness? (Read Tripadvisor and you will see that this is no joke). But there was no more time to think about our decision now. We had arrived. On wobbly and shaky legs we entered the restaurant with the same feeling most seven year old’s have during their first day at school. Pure fear.

To our surprise (and disappointment) nothing particularly scary happened during the dinner. Instead, the service was quite the opposite – very friendly. But it was still hard to stay completely relaxed, and when it was time to pay the bill, we suddenly noticed that our waiter by mistake actually had charged us for four (!!) lobster pastas (instead of two). However, after hearing the concierge’s earlier warnings about the place, that was something we never dared to question…

For reservations, please call: +33 4 92 98 77 89 (and BTW…Good Luck!)

Let the lobster-mania begin!

This is where the lobster is lurking

In the Meloneras shopping center (or what is supposed to be a shopping center, unfortunately all stores are closed except for a few souvenir shops) in the south of Gran Canaria there exists a restaurant that is not really a house-hold name either on the island or much less outside. Called Ciao Ciao, it is popular with the local crowd and tourists but you don’t find it often listed in guide books. However, it is in a certain way unique. Yes, it offers all the expected dishes: pasta, pizza, fish and meat, the usual vacation fair, but, hidden underneath all this routineness, there is a dish that should be praised by chefs and poets alike. It is a piece of art unseen and unheard off: we bring you THE LINGUINI LOBSTER! Homemade pasta cooked to perfection with pieces of lobster, chili and garlic served with a half lobster on the side (tip: ask for it picante). The waiter brings you a bunch a gadgets to tackle the shell so just dig in and enjoy one of the best dishes the island has to offer. The wine is house but good and the deserts are huge and delicious, especially if you are into ice cream with tons of cream, jam and fruits (just to make you feel better with some nutrition involved). The bill will not make you cry and you will walk away with a few more happy kilos on your tummy.

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