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Vintage bargains in Las Palmas

Vintage stuff

Beat Vintage is a great (but expensive) second-hand store located on Calle Presidente Alvear in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. It’s a small shop literally packed with cool retro clothes, sunglasses, shoes, etc. This time I (Hanna, Alex is in Washington, remember?) couldn’t resist two stylish wallets from the ’70s and a “golden” bracelet. Detachable collars were definitely the catch of the day and one of them I tried to give Sam but he refused. “I don’t take bribes,” he said.

“Eh, you shouldn’t have…”

For Sale – one of a kind bracelet!

DIY friendship bracelet for sale

DIY friendship bracelet for sale

Sorry to say but the t-shirt necklace we showed here on the blog a couple of days ago was not our last “do-it-yourself” project. Yesterday, I (Hanna) bought some more material and at the end of the day I had made myself a new bracelet. In case you would like to buy it, here is the price based on my supply trip (no profit, of course).

– Yarn (mustard yellow and turquoise): 3 euros (the wooden pearl is my treat)
– First taxi ride: 68 euros (no time to take the bus since Sam was impatiently waiting for me to get back home)
– Snack: 2.50 euros (peanuts and a soft drink to be more specific)
– Second taxi ride: 73 euros (5 euros more expensive on the way back?)
– Two glasses of wine: 6 euros (Hey, try going shopping by yourself…it’s not that fun…)

Total sum for the bracelet = 152.50 euros (195 USD)

– Discount: 2.50 euros (thinking of it, I’m having peanuts and soft drinks every day anyway)

Total price: 150 euros (192 USD)

First come, first served.

Sam has already ordered himself a fancy DIY leash

Sam has already ordered himself a fancy DIY leash

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