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Treat yourself at Home

Home Restaurant in Pristina (Kosovo) is especially popular with the expats who have descended on this city in the zillions working for numerous international organizations. It is a very charming place with a garden that welcomes you during the hot summer months and is suitable for contemplating life in the shadow with a glass of wine from Orahovac. In the winter you can cozy up next to the fire place inside and savor some locally produced Rakia.

But before you get too tipsy, don’t forget to check out the selection of food. They have an extensive menu offering everything imaginable. The mozzarella and cheese is a good starter and on offer is a vast selection of salads, pasta, oriental dishes and – here comes our favorite – a big juicy hamburger with homemade fries (definitely best in town). The hearty meals make Home stand out among the many food outlets you find in Pristina. And as the name suggests, you can’t beat this place when it comes to ambiance.

Located next to the old OSCE building
+381 044 336 336

Pjata Restaurant

Fried brie with honey and nuts. Photo: Pjata

Nicely designed and with impeccable service, Pjata definitely qualifies as one of the classier places in Pristina (Kosovo). Here you have local politicians, foreign ambassadors and journalists rubbing shoulders. Of course, they are not the only ones who frequent this restaurant and among the clientele one can often find colleagues out for a business-get-together and couples who are looking for a more romantic setting. This is also the venue of choice for a lazy, boozy Saturday. The tables are quite close to each other, but if you are not too fussy about overhearing other people’s conversations, you are in for a treat. The wine list is impressive and offers one of the biggest selections of vintages in town.  The starters will not disappoint you, our favorites are the grilled mushrooms with blue cheese and the fried brie with honey and nuts. For the main course the tagliatelle with baby shrimps and the grilled salmon come highly recommended. Now, make sure you save some space for dessert. You don’t want to miss on the super-duper chocolate ganache with a creamy, dark texture that propels you into culinary heaven.  

If you are visiting Pristina for the first time (if you have been here before, you already know what we are talking about) it’s a must to try out this gastronomic landmark.

Rruga “Gazmend” Zajmi” Nr. 1
+381 38 220 739

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