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O Sole Mio

I was really enjoying the house me and Sam stayed in for three weeks in Gran Canaria. If you by any chance read our previous blog post, you already know I was especially amazed by the kitchen which resulted in that mountain of meatballs we have in the fridge right now.

I told you… the kitchen is inspiring

One who didn’t enjoy the house as much as I did, or the trip for that matter, was our beloved Sam. I thought he was going to love the new house, the garden and the several kilometer long walks we had every day in the mountains but, nope, not at all.

In fact, his behavior reminded me of Ferdinand the Bull (remember that Walt Disney charachter  who preferred smelling the flowers under a cork tree instead of fighting and playing with the other bulls?). In other words, he is the friendliest and nicest dog, at home, but he has tantrums that scare the living daylights out of people as soon as we go out somewhere.

Above all, Sam hates flying. Even though he sits next to me and Alex during the entire trip, there is nothing we can do to calm him down. The barking drama usually starts already in the taxi on the way to the airport. Friendly people might try to say “hello” but he just continues barking and acting crazy. At one point, somebody asked us if Sam was the dog equivalent of Pavarotti (his bark can be described as somewhat tenor-ish). We smiled and said “yes” but we are not sure that the late Luciano and people around us (covering their ears) would agree.

Sam is mentally getting ready to go back home (he can’t even look at a suitcase these days).

Anyway, once back home, the howling immediately stopped, his eyes lightened up and suddenly he became fully relaxed again. And for all we know, he is still sitting under his favorite tree, smelling the flowers, just quietly.

He is very happy…

On our way home (inshallah)

On our way home (inshallah)

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