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Indochine 21 – Fit for a Governator

Located on the Ring in Vienna (Austria), Indochine 21 is a French-Vietnamese restaurant that has phenomenally good service and a wine list that goes on, and on, and on. (Be prepared to spend exuberantly, some bottles go for a few thousand big ones). The atmosphere is decadent and you can puff on a Cohiba or a Punch Punch whenever you feel like it. The food is highly exquisite and the presentation makes your mouth water. Get ready to be pleasured by a culinary world that is nothing you could have imagined with spicy tastes in abundance and soft shell crabs prepared to perfection. Seafood dishes are French-sophisticated with an Oriental twist, meat is as tender as it gets and the duck makes you cry from delight. Waiters speak several languages and are happy to point you in the right direction, be it food, wine or cigars. If you have a dog – bring it along – even water bowls are available. Now, this place is not cheap, but if you are in Vienna and decide to try something different from the traditional bratwurst you can’t find a better hideout. What can one say? “I’ll be back!”

Photos: Indochine 21

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