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Newman’s Rubicon – a globe trotting thriller

I (Alex) met Finn in the backyard bar of a good friend of mine.

We talked, we drank.

Finn recently finished his first book and was planning on writing a second one.

I told him about my blogging experiences.

Finn talked about flying helicopters in combat.

We seemed so alike…

He gave me a copy of his novel and I promised to read and review it for Sam and the dunes.

Well, here it is.

Newman's RubiconMeet Hank Newman, a wild and crazy guy with a knack for long-distance running and long-hour binge drinking. Like his creator, Hank (obviously an autobiographical character) is a former marine aviator who has seen some serious shit in his life.

After leaving the Corps, he travels between Thailand and the US and quickly he runs out of money. One day some weird character approaches him in the US and offers a serious amount of cash to deliver a memory stick to Bangkok.

Hank takes on the job and that is when the fun starts. Being a resourceful chap, Hank figures out pretty soon that this might end up being his last employment, if you know what I mean. So, to stay alive, he has to come up with some ingenious plans outsmarting the other guys at almost every corner.

Trust me, it’s an entertaining read and more adventures with Hank are soon coming to a bookstore near you (OK, to

Oh, I forgot to mention, the novel is called Newman’s Rubicon and it is written by Finn Farnsworth (pseudonym). But I must admit – the story seems terrifyingly real.

You can buy the book and check out more about Finn Farnsworth and Newman’s Rubicon here.

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