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Carlton Hotel Guldsmeden in Oslo – perfect for a weekend

Cozy but not much space to maneuver a big suitcase

Cozy but not much space to maneuver a big suitcase

The Carlton Hotel Guldsmeden in Oslo is an eco-friendly establishment that doesn’t fall under the category “luxury hotels”. However, we would still like to review it on our blog since we thought it offered amenities that made this hotel somewhat special. (I shouldn’t use the royal “we” since Alex unfortunately couldn’t join me. I also know that he would have insisted on staying in the Grand Hotel or something along those lines. You know him by now, right?)

Anyway, I ended up at The Carlton Hotel Guldsmeden for a couple of days in July when I was in Oslo doing some research for a travel story for the National Geographic Traveler. I was kind of in a hurry and I was desperate to find a hotel that could accept my fury friend (Sam). The Carlton Hotel Guldsmeden was the first hotel I found where dogs were allowed (that in itself is worth an extra star in my book).

The Carlton Hotel Guldsmeden is small, family-owned and quite centrally located on Parkveien 78. The rooms are nicely decorated in neutral earth tones, but, they are really small. Really, really small. This is definitely a weekend hotel so you should keep your luggage to a minimum (there is no closet, only a coat hanger). But the fact that the room was tiny didn’t really bother me too much. Everything was clean, fresh and the service was super-friendly and that is more important than anything else.

The breakfast room had a warm and cozy atmosphere and the buffet offered a wide range of mainly locally produced, organic food. Natural yogurt, cereals, wide selection of nuts, home-made jams… (I can go on forever). If I wasn’t in such a hurry, this is definitely the place to sit down with a warm cup of tea and chitchat with other hotel guests for hours.

If you are visiting Oslo for a weekend and are not dragging along a big suitcase (and you’re not planning to spend most of your time in the hotel room), I would definately recommend Carlton Hotel Guldsmeden.

Rating: 3/5


First (and probably our last) DIY project: “Recycled” t-shirt necklace

While Alex is in Washington, I’m currently staying in Gran Canaria taking care of Sam. Since I forgot nearly all my accessories (or maybe because I’m just generally bored), I decided to make my own necklace from an old t-shirt. (Well, now I actually went to a store and bought myself a brand new t-shirt but I have to say “old” otherwise I cannot call it a recycling, eco-friendly project).

The whole idea might sound a bit crazy but if you look around you will see that there are tons of inspirational DIY videos and bloggers showing how to make these type of necklaces (see I’m not the only lunatic out there). Basically, it just takes an hour (excluding all the time it took me to find the damn t-shirt in the store). 

1.Lay the t-shirt flat and cut 1-2 cm strips. Pull and stretch each strip so they become long and thin.

2. Use a bit of left over fabric from the t-shirt and wrap the strips together.


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