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Happy National Dog Day!


Sam, the art collector

Being the frequent traveller that he is, Sam has suddenly decided to start collecting souvenirs from all over the world. Although he is not earning any money (the plan to contact a circus and make him famous hasn’t worked out yet), he promised that he has a special nose for fine art and that a temporary loan would give him the chance to show off his investment skills. Anyway, after a short discussion (and lot’s of loud barking) Sam managed to assure us that this type of collection can be worth a fortune in a couple of years. Even though we were not fully convinced, we decided to lend him the money to start his unique collection of…tada…miniature dogs.

Purchased on 16 July, 2012 in Marseille. (Price: 6 euros).

Purchased on 21 July, 2012 in Cannes flea market. (Price: 25 euros!!!)


Salute Sam Corleone!

Sam, our dog, surprises us every day with his fondness for Italian cuisine. Of course, he likes pasta, but try giving him spaghetti without any sauce. No way. He wants the real thing. Once you put pasta on his plate you have to pour some tomato sauce over it, preferably the spicy arrabiata version. And, if Parmigiano is sprinkled on top, Sam goes absolutely crazy, licking away the last drops from his whiskers. Obviously we do not offer him wine but when we drink it ourselves he has that glimmer in his eyes, somewhat begging, but also appreciative of the enjoyment of a good Chianti. After dinner, while we are sipping a Cognac, Sam himself prefers a classic “Monte Bone” No. 3. It’s an offer he can’t refuse.

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