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Printable Sam and the dunes calendar for 2013!

Make travel plans and enjoy every day in 2013 with free PDF  calendar (size A4). 

                    Samandthedunes calendar 2013

Happy New Year from Sam and the dunes!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

For Sam and the dunes, 2012 was an eventful year. We roamed around the mountains of Gran Canaria; looked for the Man in the Iron Mask in Cannes; researched all museums that exist in Geneva (don’t ask); dined like royalty in Monte Carlo; sweated buckets in Rome and danced the night away in Marrakech.

What else happened? Well, Alex turned 50 (ouch! stop hitting me, Alex!) and that was a big event, of course, while Hanna started blogging for National Geographic Traveler (we are still pinching our arms) and it seems she’s going for the “Blurriest Picture of the Year Award” (keeping our fingers crossed).

Our beloved pooch, Sam (the brains behind the blog) continued to give thoughtful instructions that were followed to the letter.

Now, we plan to get sloshed on glogg and stuff ourselves with various christmas cakes, gain a few kilos, and make the obligatory new year’s resolution: lose weight.

As we stumble along to the bar, we wish you all:

Vintage bargains in Las Palmas

Vintage stuff

Beat Vintage is a great (but expensive) second-hand store located on Calle Presidente Alvear in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. It’s a small shop literally packed with cool retro clothes, sunglasses, shoes, etc. This time I (Hanna, Alex is in Washington, remember?) couldn’t resist two stylish wallets from the ’70s and a “golden” bracelet. Detachable collars were definitely the catch of the day and one of them I tried to give Sam but he refused. “I don’t take bribes,” he said.

“Eh, you shouldn’t have…”

For Sale – one of a kind bracelet!

DIY friendship bracelet for sale

DIY friendship bracelet for sale

Sorry to say but the t-shirt necklace we showed here on the blog a couple of days ago was not our last “do-it-yourself” project. Yesterday, I (Hanna) bought some more material and at the end of the day I had made myself a new bracelet. In case you would like to buy it, here is the price based on my supply trip (no profit, of course).

– Yarn (mustard yellow and turquoise): 3 euros (the wooden pearl is my treat)
– First taxi ride: 68 euros (no time to take the bus since Sam was impatiently waiting for me to get back home)
– Snack: 2.50 euros (peanuts and a soft drink to be more specific)
– Second taxi ride: 73 euros (5 euros more expensive on the way back?)
– Two glasses of wine: 6 euros (Hey, try going shopping by yourself…it’s not that fun…)

Total sum for the bracelet = 152.50 euros (195 USD)

– Discount: 2.50 euros (thinking of it, I’m having peanuts and soft drinks every day anyway)

Total price: 150 euros (192 USD)

First come, first served.

Sam has already ordered himself a fancy DIY leash

Sam has already ordered himself a fancy DIY leash

First (and probably our last) DIY project: “Recycled” t-shirt necklace

While Alex is in Washington, I’m currently staying in Gran Canaria taking care of Sam. Since I forgot nearly all my accessories (or maybe because I’m just generally bored), I decided to make my own necklace from an old t-shirt. (Well, now I actually went to a store and bought myself a brand new t-shirt but I have to say “old” otherwise I cannot call it a recycling, eco-friendly project).

The whole idea might sound a bit crazy but if you look around you will see that there are tons of inspirational DIY videos and bloggers showing how to make these type of necklaces (see I’m not the only lunatic out there). Basically, it just takes an hour (excluding all the time it took me to find the damn t-shirt in the store). 

1.Lay the t-shirt flat and cut 1-2 cm strips. Pull and stretch each strip so they become long and thin.

2. Use a bit of left over fabric from the t-shirt and wrap the strips together.


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