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Vintage bargains in Las Palmas

Vintage stuff

Beat Vintage is a great (but expensive) second-hand store located on Calle Presidente Alvear in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. It’s a small shop literally packed with cool retro clothes, sunglasses, shoes, etc. This time I (Hanna, Alex is in Washington, remember?) couldn’t resist two stylish wallets from the ’70s and a “golden” bracelet. Detachable collars were definitely the catch of the day and one of them I tried to give Sam but he refused. “I don’t take bribes,” he said.

“Eh, you shouldn’t have…”

Travelling in a material world


Travelling throughout the world, we tend to buy different things in different places. (Hey, what do you expect from two wanderers who have very little else to do?) Here are some goodies that we brought with us from our latest trips: a goddess statue from Gran Canaria; a round metal lamp from Agadir; and candle holders (we can’t recall where we found them). You might call us materialistic but these things (that are not necessarily expensive) truly feel great to look at, long after the trip is over. If you think that we are shallow, well, then you should take a look at Sam’s porcelain dog collection; your grandma will be green with envy!

Sephora coconut beauty products

1. Bubble bath 2. Shampoo 3. Body lotion 4. Spray perfume 5. Body butter 6. Hand wash

Shopping in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Shopping in Meloneras, Gran Canaria

Let’s go shopping!

Travelling to Meloneras on Gran Canaria is always fun, especially if you are looking for a relaxing and sunny vacation break. This place is also quite good for shopping and this time we just couldn’t resist buying some useful and really kitsch stuff.

Mr. Samandthedunes shopping bag: 1. Pre-ordered books: Camilla Lackberg “The Hidden Child” and Lars Kepler “The Hypnotist” 2. Hugo Boss jumper  3. Lens to camera 4. Calvin Klein Shock perfume 5. Star Wars flash memory drive: C-3PO and Yoda

Ms. Samandthedunes shopping bag: 1. Wooden box with surf decor 2. Cribal Scents from Natura 3. Calvin Klein Shock perfume 4. Hugo Boss T-shirt 5. Maison Scotch shirt with cool safari look


A small selection from our shopping spree in Agadir - Argan oil and candle holders

When we decided to visit the Souk in Agadir we promised ourselves not to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars. A few thousand later (yes, dollars) we exited this establishment with a chess board, two bed covers, candle holders, four bottles of Argan oil and a carpet size XXL. We bid farewell to our personal guide, got into a mini-van (courtesy of the Souk) and upon arrival at the hotel, downing several drinks, we then tried to convince ourselves that this was a great bargain (Sam was not convinced).

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