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EXTRA, EXTRA!!! Hot dog tells all!

A barbeque in the desert is great fun. I was especially looking forward to this Saturday since I heard rumors we were supposed to grill sausages. I spend the whole day roaming around in the backyard trying to get myself as hungry as possible. I was chasing some birds, barked at a cat and felt generally excited. So, when it was time for the grilling to start, I monitored closely how the charcoal was prepared. When my two masters (that’s who they think they are) turned their backs for a moment, I even helped out a bit (basically, I just removed a piece of paper from the grill that was really not needed there anyway). While tearing it into microscopic pieces, I was patiently waiting for the grill to get hot. I could hear the sounds of slicing and dicing in the kitchen that made my mouth water. Vegetables and bread were cut, and  – most importantly – sausages were taken out of the fridge. I could barely wait. Guess if I was surprised when I saw what they put on the grill, not three sausages which would be one each (even I can figure that out) but TWO!! I felt dizzy. Was somebody sick (Alex hasn’t been looking well recently and Hanna is always pale)? Shouldn’t we all have a go at these delicious sausages? Once everything was done (too well done for my taste), we all went back to the kitchen (I made it first as usual) and took our positions (I got the best chair). But what did I see then: only two plates!! Grrrrr, this is when I got really angry. I realized that I apparently wasn’t part of this festive moment. I think I was offered some bread; bastards even put some garlic on it, doggone I was annoyed. My day was saved, though. Later I found some juicy chicken bones in my bowl (nice that somebody is thinking of me).

Where is that freakin’ “a”?

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