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Relaxing spa treatments at home

Meloneras (Gran Canaria) is known for its many spa facilities. Chocolate Fancy, Aroma-Therapy and Hydro-Massage is just a few examples of the many treatments you can get here. But sometimes you may just want to get that spa-feeling at home without the hassle of making an appointment days in advance, without that painful deep tissue massage or lying wrapped in Dead Sea mud for hours. Instead, here are a few products that will make you feel fabulous, energized and healthy in a jiffy.

1. DKNY beauty bag

2. Biotherm apricot oil therapy

3. Biotherm anti-fatigue moisturizer

4. Dior nail polish

5. Straw hat and scarf from Ralph Lauren (don’t know the exact connection to spa treatments but WTF it looks great anyway)

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