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  1. Heart of the traveler was hammered more often.The desert already calls me, I here the voice of dunes. I see the brother and the sister on spirit ( on our “account” only this year : France, Turkey, Dominican republic, Italy, Cyprus, Vietnam, Thailand). I wish you road endlessly. But let one small intermediate stop will be in Thailand. While we here and always wait. I wish you endless roads.
    Very special best regards to Sam.

  2. Sasha, Thailand sounds like a place that comforts and dazzles. We have never been there but hope to come over at some point. Your “account” is impressive, we are planning to do more and more trips. In the pipeline: Marrakech. Let’s see what happens next.
    Sasha from the dunes

  3. Now, when the son began to go to school, it is necessary to drop an anchor. We wanted to visit Marokkko for a long time. Even considered it as alternative to Thailand. But waves of orange revolutions have stopped us. And still, I hope, the “pipeline” will bring us there earlier, than its pipe will rust, and our pipes will burn through.

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