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Wag the dog

“-Sorry to bother you but dinner is ready”

To quote a favorite movie: the dog usually wags its tail, but what if the tail wagged the dog? In our case, Sam not only wags his tail and the rest of us, but insists while doing so, that he should be fed grilled sausages mixed with al dente pasta. Hey, who is in charge here Sam!? OK, now off to get you some fresh lamp chops and then you will get your usual evening back massage. Would you like some perfumed oil with that?

Cat fight

Home, humiliated…but alive

Yesterday afternoon we all set off for a peaceful stroll on the Agadir boardwalk. Sam, while sniffing around, suddenly noticed two kittens. Being the good hearted chap that he is, Sam tried to make contact (or so he thought) with a different species for the first time. Imagine the shock when out of the blue, mother cat (who made the German shepard guarding our hotel look timid) jumped  out  from the bushes and went for Sam. Hanna quickly grabbed the dog but the cat didn’t let go, so Alex ran to the rescue finally scaring it away (what a man). All of this commotion happened just in front of a group of construction workers who were laughing so hard that even Sam got red in the nose. Humiliated by this tiny but, oh, so nasty little animal, our team quickly retreated back to the hotel.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today Sam got a very special treat from Michael Jordan’s Steak House in NYC.

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