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A small selection from our shopping spree in Agadir - Argan oil and candle holders

When we decided to visit the Souk in Agadir we promised ourselves not to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars. A few thousand later (yes, dollars) we exited this establishment with a chess board, two bed covers, candle holders, four bottles of Argan oil and a carpet size XXL. We bid farewell to our personal guide, got into a mini-van (courtesy of the Souk) and upon arrival at the hotel, downing several drinks, we then tried to convince ourselves that this was a great bargain (Sam was not convinced).

Half way to Agadir

"Say cheeeese...just another 400km to go"

This Saturday we spent the entire day driving through the desert passing dunes, camels, dunes and more camels. Finally, after 11 hrs (phew) we reached Agadir. More updates to follow.

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