Treasures of the desert

Even though we mostly run this travel blog from Laayoune, we rarely write about the desert in our blog posts. Unfortunately, what surrounds us on a daily basis are usually things we have a tendency to take for granted. But today we can change that. Yesterday Hanna’s story – Where “The Little Prince” was born – was published by National Geographic Traveler. It tells about the amazing desert, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and a spectacular lagoon. Enjoy!

Panoramic view of the Naila Lagoon (Khenifiss National Park).

Panoramic view of the Naila Lagoon (Khenifiss National Park).

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  1. Great article – I enjoyed it very much!

  2. This is the comment left with the link to your Nat Geo article… and I’m inkedvocabulary at WordPress. Great job!

    Hello, my name is Russ… and it is living in the American desert that drew me to this article. Exceptionally well crafted… little wonder it was picked up by Nat Geo. Very informative and the pictures were superb. Moroccan cuisine [and Tajin cooking] is some of the best in the world… infused with the rich flavors so abundant there.

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