Tourist Season – a sunbed thriller

What does a man-eating crocodile nicknamed Pavlov, a terrorist cell, an anti-Castro group called First Weekend in July Movement and a beauty queen have in common? Weeell, we will not tell you, only suggest that if you want to have a really fun time while lounging next to the pool pick up Carl Hiaasen’s first novel Tourist Season (published in 1986).

Hiaasen, a journalist for the Miami Herald, has written over a dozen books, most of them satirical crime capers centered in south Florida. In Tourist Season, as in his future novels, funny and violent mix seamlessly and the author’s concerns for the environment are always in the forefront. Greedy condominium developers, crooked politicians, unsavory tourists are in the crosshairs of his wicked pen, lampooned and despised.

Tourist Season is about two journalists, one turned private eye and the other – an eco-terrorist, who battle it out with comic gusto leaving dead bodies along the way. Hiaasen’s lively novel has many bizarre twists and unforgettable characters, some of whom will migrate to his other novels.

Basically, Tourist Season is a highly entertaining and wacky book and we can promise one thing: Hiaasen’s weird heroes will boggle your mind and will get stuck in your head for a long, long time.

Rating: 4/5

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