A Michelin Star is Born!

Executive Chef at Aquavit – Marcus Jernmark

In April 2012, the Sam and the dunes team visited Aquavit, a well-known Swedish restaurant in Manhattan. We even interviewed the Chef Marcus Jernmark and tried some of his delicious food. Marcus, a genial guy, talked about his career, the changes he was making at Aquavit after taking over as the Executive Chef. We were intrigued and promised to come back again. And what do you know? Just half a year later, Aquavit receives a Michelin star proving that Marcus has what it gets. We can definitely vouch for it – he is an absolute genius in the kitchen. Congratulations to Marcus and his team! 

Michelin star gourmet

Check out all Michelin Star restaurants in NY – Michelin Guide New York City 2013.
Also read the New York Times article mentioning Aquavit – Seven Retain Michelin’s 3 Stars.

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  1. What a beautiful beautiful dish. Thank you so much for sharing!

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