Nosing and corking on a hot summer day

Yesterday the weather was really hot (almost 40C), so what did we do? We bought a few bottles off local wine and decided to do some wine tasting, of course. Obviously, we are not professional wine experts but having gone through a zillion a few bottles of both red and white over the years we figured we are as good as it gets. We tried three different reds from Gran Canaria – Plaza Perdida (2010), Froaton de Oro (2010) and Las Tirajanas (2011).

At the beginning we took this so seriously that we even had paper in front of us  to write down our thoughts. Here you can see we are not really experts since the smells reminded us not exactly of things one usually associates with wine. Old socks, wet swimming wear, mosquito repellant…Don’t get us wrong, the wines were great, but, man, once in a while you feel like having a Rioja, without all that serious philosophical shit. Just give me a freaking bottle so that I can drown my sorrows. Sorry, where were we…? Yes, Canary wines are a bit acidic, light and how should we put it, tasty. Darn, isn’t that a description good enough? Who cares, in the end we just had fun. And isn’t that what wine is all about? Seriously.

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