Water safety – a serious matter

OK, we bought this floating mat to have some fun in the pool the other day. Last time we used one must have been…(actually we don’t remember but it was definitely before the age of the internet). Anyway, back then we didn’t remember that there was a 20 page manual attached to it as was the case this time. Flipping through the pages we thought, ahh, WTF, let’s fill it with air and have some fun with it. Immediately.

While we were getting red-faced blowing air into our new toy, we saw the signs. Big warning signs similar to the ones you find when something is VERY, VERY dangerous. Like construction sites, railways, chemical factories…cigarette packs (those are really scary!). Oh my god, this is supposed to be a toy, right? But then the real confusion started. What do these signs actually mean? Do we dare ignoring these warnings? Do we need a lawyer?

Okay,we get this one. It’s easy. No submarines allowed.


How do you even get into this position. On a floating mat!!

Oh yeah, a floating mat is a great toy when you turn 15…NOT!

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