The daily bread battle

OK, I admit. It was me. Yes, it was me (Hanna) who ate everything that was on that breakfast tray yesterday. Coffee, juice, egg, bread…bread crumbs. I felt so bad I even blamed Sam for insisting on having yogurt with strawberries. That wasn’t true of course. Here is the truth: I ate it all. So today I had the same morning procedure: swim, brisk walk with Sam and then, when we finally approached the house I saw it. That delicate bloody bread bag hanging on the door knob again. The mental strength you need to resist this warm and freshly baked bread you have to pass by to get into your own house. You need willpower made of steel for god’s sake. In fact, I have changed my mind. I don’t know if I am THAT enthusiastic about having bread rolls delivered at your doorstep every day. It doesn’t matter if I go for ten power walks a day, there is no way I can get rid of all those calories.  “-Shall we go for a run, Sam?”

Stalking bread rolls

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  1. Oh I am sucker for fresh white bread! I feel your weakness. The brown stuff just isn’t the same. France is dangerous – there’s a boulangerie on every corner and you can smell fresh bread-making from miles away!

  2. Yes Cristina, we can absolutely relate to that. We had our best (or worst, it depends how you see it) bread experience in Lebanon. Every morning before work we just had to stop by the next door cafe were they were selling fresh bread and croissants – filled with warm chocolate!! Amazing stuff but too dangerous for the waste line 🙂

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