Good Morning, Gran Canaria!

While Alex is doing his round-the-world-birthday-tour (and some business of course), the rest of the team, myself (Hanna) and Sam are staying in the vacation paradise Gran Canaria for a month. What I enjoy most while staying here are the mornings. Usually I am quite lazy and I only have enough energy to drag myself out of bed and prepare a cup of coffee. But here the routines are very different. First thing I do is taking Sam out for a brisk walk. When we get back to the house (here comes the best part) the bread delivery company has put fresh bread in a little bag on the door knob 🙂

After a small breakfast (ehum, don’t even THINK I eat all of this by myself, Sam was of course insisting on having yogurt with strawberries) I listen to some music or radio and pass out on the sun bed before I take a morning swim in the heated pool. This is not as relaxing as it sounds since Sam runs around the pool in circles while barking hysterically. I think he is convinced that I am drowning every time I get into the water. Actually, I’m not THAT bad at swimming…I hope.

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  1. Wow… nice to know the adventure and surprises each day!!!

  2. Yes, the bread surprise on the door knob I can definitely live with 🙂

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