Dog on a hot tin roof

HELLO KITTY…bugger off

Our dog Sam once tried to make friends with some kittens in Agadir but was immediately attacked by their mother (obviously). After that scary incident, Sam’s relationship with cats  can best described as  love-hate hate-hate. Nowadays he keeps a good distance and prefers to bark anxiously from several meters away instead of having a face to face rendez vous. Still, considering himself the guardian and the main protector of the house, every morning Sam ventures off into the garden smelling for stray cats that might have intruded into his territory over the night. Sometimes he finds one lurking on the wall and tries to attack it with his vocal cords. The cat generally eyes him with that “sure, I am REALLY scared of you” look and leisurely moves over to the next rooftop. But Sam somehow feels proud. He raises his head high, trots over, looking like he just stopped a pack of wolfs from attacking his friends and is now expecting a nice grilled chicken leg  as compensation. We don’t let him down, pat him on the head and tell him “well done!” Obviously, the barbeque is lighted and that chicken is properly grilled for our nervous little protector.

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