It’s KITE time!

On 28 March - 1 April, 2012 the Kiteboarding World Cup will be held in Dakhla.

On 28 March – 1 April, 2012 the Kiteboarding World Cup will be held in Dakhla.

Dakhla, a small town on the Atlantic in the Sahara desert, offers one thing that is really tough to find – the perfect conditions for kitesurfing. Here there is a lagoon that has all you need: strong wind and perfectly flat water. The place to indulge in your extreme sports desires (if you have them obviously) is Ocean Vagabond, a bungalow hotel with all the required gadgets. You can rent the equipment, get a personal trainer or join a group, chill out on the veranda sipping a drink and have some reasonable food (heavy on vitamins and calories since you will be losing a few). The surfers staying here are mostly from France, Germany and UK, professionals and beginners, who after braving long distances, come for the excitement of generating some serious speed on that board.

Ocean Vagabond

Ocean Vagabond

Ocean Vagabond is located approximately 30 km north of Dakhla. If you want to visit the town itself, we suggest you go to the Bab Al Bahar Best Western hotel. If you are already into kitesurfing we don’t have to tell you more, but if you are willing to try it for the first time, book a week at Ocean Vagabond and go with the wind!

For more pictures check out our FB page

For more pictures check out our FB page

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  1. Thanks for the article guys! Have you been to our kite and windsurf center in Essaouira?

  2. No, we haven’t been there yet. Will definately try one day. Hoping to go to Dakhla this wekeend for some more photos 🙂

  3. That looks like fun. Great photos!

  4. i haven’t been there maybe one of these days we would try to visit that place with my would be pretty cool and fun..

    • As beginners we are still trying to manage that board. But definately a very cool place in the desert, just 30 min drive from Dakhla. Warm water and good wind conditions. Barcelona must also be a very good place for kitesurfing?

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