Alex’s birthday party – behind the scenes

An almost picture perfect start of the day (except for the fact that Sam always likes to play dead in front of the camera)

Alex’s 50th birthday celebration was a big hit. The entire samandthedunes team was invited and it ended up being a fun day (and night). There were games, lots of laughs and jokes. Alex made a short speech that was a blast. But behind this perfect facade none of the guests (particularly Sam) noticed the drama that was going on in the kitchen. The cake-baking process was not proceeding according to plan (to put it mildly). For various reasons the recipes had to be changed several times during the day and at one point disaster loomed. When plan A (Key Lime Pie), plan B (Fruit Tart) and plan C (Cheesecake) were beyond saving, panic took over. In a last desperate try to surprise Alex with a cake, the ready-cake-mix (bought in IKEA on Gran Canaria) was coming to the rescue. Now everything was going to be OK as long as the cover box with the unappetizing name could be kept secret.

The infamous chokladkaka

But guess what…even this cake failed. The expiration date was long overdue. Isn’t anybody looking at the expiration date in this house?! Who in his right mind would be happy getting a chokladkaka that expired half a year ago?!! Surprised, yes, happy, I don’t think so. To make a long story short, plan Z dessert (grilled fruit with vanilla yogurt) were finally ready to be served at 10 PM.

Enjoying the plan Z PJ's

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