Sam Collins, the Monday blues fixer

If you are down and out and have a serious attack of the Monday blues syndrome, here is something to prop you up, make the world look a bit rosy and put some cheer into your life. We bring to you our new creation, the original Sam Collins. It will make you tell silly jokes and stagger a bit when on your way to the refrigerator for a refill. It’s a tasty treat for the true connoisseur on a hot summer day (in the desert, every day is a hot summer day). By popular demand, here is the recipe (secret ingredient for the first time made public):

"When in a jam, ask for a Sam"



1 part Vodka
2 parts Cool Desert Lemonade
1 part Soda
Lots of ice
Fresh mint and lemon peel to garnish

Warning: don’t drink and bark!

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