Night of the living dead

Moving into a new house is always exciting. The funny thing is that none of us in the Samandthedunes team has ever lived in such a big one before. Four rooms and a kitchen, plus a front and a back yard is pretty cool. But what we didn’t expect were the new and unfamiliar noises a new house can generate. Actually, the first night we didn’t get much sleep at all since a scary, strange sound from the kitchen kept us awake all the time. Even Sam (who usually likes to think of himself as brave) was clearly uncomfortable and his nervous shivering sadly reminded us of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. As if this wasn’t enough, the morning after we woke up in a state of complete horror. The roaring sound outside the door was definitely not a product of our imagination. Our brain told us that there are no tigers, lions, beasts of prey, Draculas or Hellraisers in the neighborhood but then why did it sound like somebody just stepped on Freddy Krueger’s toe? Slowly we opened the front door just to find…a camel. Still surprised, but relieved it wasn’t any of the other creatures, we stumbled back to bed as living dead in an attempt to catch up on some sleep.

“-Good morning, Freddy!”

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