A hair-raising adventure in Fataga

If you are willing to brave a 30 minute ride on a cliff road that is slightly wider than a Mini and if you do not meet the Maker on the way, you will come to a small village in the middle of Gran Canaria called Fataga. It is not even a one horse town since we spend a full five minutes checking all its streets looking for that one horse, but in the process we instead found two restaurants, an art shop, a Bodega (for you ‘I speak only English’ types, it’s a wine shop in Español) and some really scenic views of the adjoining mountains. There is also the obligatory church square, a mini-market with essentials and very little else. If you are looking for some quality time romantic-wise, the small restaurant at the beginning of the village is a great choice. Over some traditional Canary dishes (croquetas de jamon, queso frito and papas arrugadas) two can sit and marvel at a view that would make any nature photographer who forgot his camera check into a mental hospital. The wine is house and comes in a carafe, it’s light and pleasant.

1. Living proof you can not eat and pose at the same time

2. See point 1.

Once you order a taxi back, gulp down a few more glasses so that you can keep that delicious food inside while taking the mountain road down. It’s a fun day trip for the strong-hearted. And if “real adventure” means also for you having the hamburger grilled medium-rear, continue reading this blog. We have more stuff coming up.

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