Rolling, rolling, rolling, rawhide!!!

What do a bank robbery, a white alligator and a herd of raging bulls have in common? Throw in a spaghetti western from the 70s and you have Sioux City. Yep, folks, here “Take a Hard Ride” with Lee Van Cleef was filmed and today y’all can enjoy some family fun. An authentic cowboy village form the 19th century built in the south of Gran Canaria, it even smells cowboy. There are bulls and horses riding through town, a bank robbery is staged for your viewing pleasure that includes the whole shebang: gun slingers, shoot outs, a jail break and even a hanging. A saloon is on hand for daddy to quench his thirst while the kids are spending a family fortune on cowboy hats and toy guns.

Wanted for travel blogging

One also gets to see some Indians throwing knifes and if you are into the really creepy stuff, visit the reptiles center packed with poisonous this and that (we were too freaked out to notice the names) and the crocodile swamp where the unique albino alligator hangs around. It’s a fun few hours that will keep your kids talking for days (and dad for weeks). Sure, it’s kitchy and mass-market oriented but wasn’t that what Westerns were all about? It brings out the kid in all of us, even if you are in the same age group as Clint Eastwood. And so, after visiting Sioux City, we ride off into the sunset, the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Well, for a lack of horses, we took a cab. But you get our drift, don’t you?

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