Sofitel, Rabat: The one and only choice

Sofitel in Rabat is not exactly located downtown, but once you see the hotel and its garden, you will definitely bite your elbows for all the times wasted in other 5 star establishments in Morocco’s capital.

The garden is a true work of gardening art – flamboyant, jazzy and highly luxurious. It enchants and soothes and there are few better pleasures than to sit at the pool restaurant gazing at the surrounding flora while your glass of wine is being refilled (they have some really fantastic local vintages that you can’t find anywhere else.)

The lobby, like most Sofitel lobbies, is vast and multi-functional. It offers you the ultimate in comfort: you can eat, drink, smoke a cigar and entertain yourself with a bit of shopping. If you are into comfy loafers or exquisite suits, Sofitel offers you a Tod’s and a Pal Zileri.

The rooms, as you would expect, are immaculate, the bathroom a pleasure to spend a few extra minutes under the shower and if you are fortunate to have a balcony, relieve some of the day’s tensions watching the sunset.

Sofitel has several restaurants, so take your pick: go crazy on couscous or watch that waistline and dig into one of their delicious salads (the chef truly proves that healthy food does not necessarily have to be boring). After dinner, move to the bar for some raspy live jazz.

Basically, if you are ever in Rabat, for business or pleasure, and want to be pampered, Sofitel should be your one and only choice.

Rating: 5/5

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