Millennium UN Plaza Hotel – aiming for more stars

"-Weren't we supposed to have a picture of Danny Glover and Joe Pesci here?" "-Nah, Gone Fishin'."

This is a New York landmark (3 or 4 stars, seems to depend on who you ask, but the price is definetly in the 5 star range) centrally located with numerous bars and restaurants next door, popular with mid-level dignitaries who usually book in groups to attend this or that international conference. The UN building is across the street and Fifth Avenue is only a 15 minutes brisk walk away. Maybe it’s not the fanciest hotel in town by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly has a lot of charm and a style that is very New-York-ish. Rooms are clean and basic (nothing to write home blog about) and start at the 28th floor so you are always guaranteed a flabbergasting panoramic view of Manhattan. This alone is worth staying here unless, of course, you are afraid of heights. Lately, the restaurant Ambassador Grill downstairs is only open for breakfast but in the evening you can get some nice treats at the bar (hamburger, club sandwich, etc.). The bartenders are helpful and can brief you on the latest news, places to visit or where to indulge in a juicy steak.  If you’re lucky, Danny Glover or Joe Pesci might be sitting on the bar-stool next to you (according to our sources, this is one of their favorite hotels in town), and if it’s fancy enough for Hollywood stars it simply can’t be bad for us mortals either. Now, will it ever end up being upgraded to a 5 star establishment is a different question. Let’s see if Danny and Joe can pull some strings  or use their Lethal Weapon. 

Millennium UN Plaza Hotel
One United Nations Plaza
+1 212 758 1234

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