Puerto de Mogán – an arty cliffhanger

View of Puerto de Mogán

There are two ways to get to Puerto de Mogán (Gran Canaria) – by road or by sea. We suggest you avoid both. But if you do make it to the “Venice of the Canaries” (without being capsized or driving off a cliff) you will be able to marvel at one of the more amiable resorts on the island. This is an old fishing village that has managed to preserve all its original charm despite the large number of tourists. Cobblestone alleys, bleached houses and canals wake up the Rembrandt in you and with a few glasses of wine you start craving for a sketch book. Located in a valley, this tiny resort doesn’t take long to explore and you can easily stroll through the entire village at a snail’s pace in under ten minutes. We suggest you follow one of the paths snaking up the nearby mountain where you get a panoramic view of the choppy Atlantic (that nasty feeling that you are Rembrandt overwhelms you again). When the hunger kicks in (now, Rembrandt, please leave!) there is no lack of places to go. Most of the restaurants are concentrated around the boardwalk next to the marina and a majority of them serve fresh fish. Our favorite hideaway is an Italian trattoria located in the little market place. Here you can feast  like a 17th century painter who just received his sovereigns from the King. After a hefty dinner you may start thinking of which route to take back; this, we suggest, is best decided by ordering a triple grappa and flipping a coin.

Disclaimer: Mentioning Rembrandt in this story has nothing to do with reality. In fact, we don’t even know if Rembrandt visited the place. The drawing is of unknown origin but the signature suggests it may have  significant value.

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