Watch those apples!

You gotta cut down on those apples!

With a Laurent-Perrier cooling in the fridge on a sunny morning just before New Year’s, one starts to contemplate: to pop it now or to wait a bit and indulge in the fizzy for lunch dinner. In preparation for the big night, one has to be at least slightly lubricated, though hopefully not like the infamous elk from somewhere in Sweden who was found napping in a tree, wasted, after a joyful feast on rotten apples (a bizarre news report that amused across borders in 2011). Once we down the champagne, a promise we will make for 2012: tomorrow’s hangover will definitely not be of that caliber – but if it does happen – we can always claim that we had one apple too many. So, here we go, whatever your party toxin, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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