Sam the man

Wait...where is my Martini?

Agadir is a really cool place, not to mention the hotel we are staying in that welcomes dogs, especially our Sam, with a panache  dwarfing all other 5-stars. Every morning one of us gets up around 6 AM to take him out for  an exercise and other known dog activities, braving the stray ones that roam the boardwalk as well as the guard dog, a ferocious German Shepherd, that tends to jump poor Sam. Still, like clockwork he wakes us up at the crack of dawn ready for another battle with his brethren. After a hefty breakfast organized under code name “Operation Flying Sausage” (don’t ask), Sam wanders off to the pool for a lazy afternoon. Here Sam rules (at least we allow him to think so).

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  1. Sam is such a brave dog….I shared the story on the fb, hope you wont mind

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