Avalon – discover Goteborg under water

A cool gem in Goteborg (Sweden), Avalon Hotel**** can dazzle and disappoint, all depending on your room. The first time we stayed there, ours was slightly bigger than a shoe box and the bed, way too small for two people, was not exactly living up to what the hotel officially is claiming to be – Feng Shui. Even the fantastic smorgasbord offered in the morning couldn’t put us in a good mood after sleeping so badly. The next time we came back we were (for the same price) offered palatial accommodations with a terrace that could comfortably accommodate a squash court (not really but it sounds good anyway) and provided a panoramic view of the city. Bottom line, if your sleeping quarters are up to standards, then you hit jackpot. The restaurant menu is fun, a mix of traditional Swedish cuisine (you have to try the herring in numerous sauces) and the usual suspects: seafood, salads, pasta. The bar is usually full in the evening, especially during the summer months. The outdoor pool on the rooftop is small, we mean really small but it has one peculiarity, it extends a bit outside so you can see the pedestrians on the street through the glass bottom (hey, wait…) and yes, they can see you of course. The location is smack downtown with plenty of opportunities around the corner. Avalon is a member of Design Hotels (the interior is rather avant-garde) and although it is a four and not a five star, it’s a sophisticated joint to hang around for a couple of days if you ever end up in Goteborg. In 2011, Avalon received the TripAdvisor’s  “Certificate of Excellence.”

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