Daios deLuxe

Located in downtown Thessaloniki (Greece), this little gem is very expensive, luxurious beyond belief (try the suite) and has a really cool food-bar serving semi-Italian cuisine. If you go for one of the more exquisite rooms you get to sit on the balcony in the evening with a glass of Port enjoying the view of the Mediterranean just at your fingertips.  The hotel doesn’t have a pool but they don’t really cater to the holiday crowd and it is more suitable for the travelling businessman.

The area around Hotel Daios***** is nothing to write home about but there are a few bars worth visiting on the boardwalk. If you are craving for traditional American cuisine while visiting Greece (shame on you), Applebee’s is just a stone’s throw away.

The food-bar in Daios is a popular meeting point for the well-to-do who tend to indulge in some really fantastic pasta (try the spaghetti with squid ink and fresh tomatoes), fish or spicy chicken meatballs. If you are into something lighter, the salads are awesome too (don’t miss the one with warm goat cheese and pine nuts).  On weekends you can listen to some funky live jazz while sipping a glass of wine from the hotel’s collection of local vintages. If one is into cigars, the humidor is at your disposal offering the one and only, truly the best, hats off…Cuban Cohiba.

Bottom line, if you stay in Thessaloniki any day of the year, and happen to be too old to go to a disco, Daios is your answer to having an unforgettable evening.

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